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Hi I'm Coops......

I am a massive believer in a 'Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!

By day I work in Mental Health services educating individuals on Healthier lifestyles, diet, exercise and undertaking physical health checks.

By Night I am 'Coach Coops'!

As a Health and fitness Coach I help people to become 'FitterFasterStronger' and healthier versions of themselves.




Online/Virtual Coaching


>Sessions live via Zoom

>Support Via an Interactive App

>Workouts to suit your goals

>Nutritional targets and advice

>Regular Support (Closed Facebook group)


Personal Training Sessions Held At the PiT


Sessions can be 1 to 1


  shared with a friend (2:1)

(Minimum of 4 sessions to be booked)

>45/60mins per Session

>Private Training Area

>Nutritional Advice

>Support Outside of sessions


Cookbook and Calorie Guides

>ECookbook with easy to track macros

>Calorie guides to some of the most popular eateries 





"I was diagnosed with CFS/MS a number of years ago. I am fortunate enough to still be able to function day to day, albeit tired. I have however suffered from regular periods of chronic fatigue where even washing my hair is impossible as i can't lift my arms above my head. Over time it has become clear that theses periods are triggered by my anxiety and stress. I decided to get in shape for the upcoming wedding with the help of Adam Cooper - Personal Trainer. I was worried that the exercise may make things worse as i would be using what energy i have, however it has had a completely diferent effect. I have not had an episode now for 5 weeks and feel so much better. I never put exercise and mental health together until now. Thank you Adam"
July 24th 2019
"I started going to the PiT with my hubby to see if it could help me manage my Fibromyalgia & CFS.
For the first time in a decade, the weight is coming off, my body shape is changing and I feel stronger. Not just physically... but mentally too.
I love the happy hormone hit and never thought I’d look forward to Monday’s ... they are now known as PiTdays!
Adam is brilliant at adapting the workouts to suit where my mind & body’s at each week. He just gets it!
It’s always varied and challenging and he helps give me confidence to push myself more than I thought I could
He also stalks my food diary on our PiT Hub app and has given me top tips on rebalancing my diet.
The PiT does what it says on the tin...Fitter.Faster.Stronger!!


JULY 28th 2019

"I approached Coops to help with postural problems and muscle pain. Initially it hurt but with consistent sessions it has cleared. Coops took into account my situation and developed sessions accordingly. It means a lot when your PT does the little things like that, to me it was a big thing that mattered.

I keep going back for functional work and his infectious enthusiasm to improve everyone and help them reach their own personal goals!
July 28th 2019
adam cooper

Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach

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